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Publish your own beautiful 40-page books in low 50 copy runs for as little as two hundred and fifty dollars! Each book features premium Graphika! or Hammermill papers, 4-color cover, color bio page, tissue insert and heavy coverstock in matte or varnish -- all hand built. You will be amazed at the stunning quality you get for such a reasonable cost

For the Discerning Self-Publisher

New Renaissance Press is the premier self-publisher for limited run poetry, fiction and self-help books.
Our prices are fair and reasonable and our quality of production on your behalf is uncompromising.

Prices You Can Actually Enjoy

Our 'basic' 40-page, 50 copy run is 250.00 (US) including shipping. This includes premium papers, color cover, color bio-sheet, tissue insert, copyright notice.

Step II includes copyright registration, 48-page, 50 copy run and everything in our 'basic' book for 300.00 (US).

Step III includes copyright registration, 48-page, 50 copy run, 5 black and white illustrations OR 2 color illustrations, and everything in our basic book for 375.00 (US).

Standard finished book size in all Steps is 5.5x8 inches. Extra illustrations in B&W are 25.00 (USD) each, in color are 50.00 (USD). Manuscripts may be sent as an attachment via e-mail in MSWord (.doc) or MSPublisher (.pub) formats ONLY. Blueline proofs are returned by mail for final approval. You send the proof back along with the authorization form signed and dated. Major editorial changes from proof are extra (and expensive), minor changes are free.

NOTICE ON ISBN: ISBN registration is 100.00, which includes ISBN, a personal website on Old Mountain Press to promote your book, listing in our Books in Print page, and listing of your volume in all major on-line Booksellers.

For More Information

For more information about who we are please see our "About Us" page. To contact New Renaissance Press with questions, projects or proposals, please use the handy "Contact" page to get in touch with us quickly and easily.